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About Us

Hi! I'm Bailey Barnes. I am a professional singer, voice teacher and business coach. I help singers learn how to make their living do what they love.

Now more than ever, the world needs courageously creative people to come forth and share their gifts, their unique perspectives, their heart, their truth and their solutions. I believe there is no better platform from which to affect change than in the world where the performing arts meets entrepreneurship. The Singing Entrepreneur Community is for singers who have a big vision for how they want to use their voice to be the change, and just need a little extra support along the way. 

Why You Should Join Us

The Singing Entrepreneur Community is a place where singers come to learn everything they didn't teach in music school. 

Here we will explore important topics such as entrepreneurship in the performing arts, music business basics, branding and marketing for singers, financial education, artistic development and more. 

You will also have opportunities to join me in some of my educational programs - the Singing Entrepreneur Course, the Voice Lessons Course, the Courageous Creative Course,  and the Free Training Tuesday Replay Library.

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